In The Crosshairs Of Colorectal Cancer - (download only)

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A report released by well-known social demographer Bernard Salt reveals by 2026 more than eight million Australians (31 percent of the population), including the entire baby boomer generation and some Generation Xers, will be surging into the bowel (colorectal)-cancer stage of the lifecycle.

Report author Bernard Salt said, “Bowel cancer attacks the middle-aged with progressive lethality, with rates leaping tenfold between the ages 50 and 79.”

“By the end of the coming decade 4.6 million baby boomers and 4 million Gen Xers will be subjected to a bowel cancer lottery, purely because of the age group through which they are passing.”

Developed by KPMG Demographics and commissioned by Bowel Cancer Australia, the In the Crosshairs of Colorectal Cancer Report examines the confronting demographic issue behind bowel cancer and our ageing population.