A Woman's Guide to Navigating the Invisible Cancer Load - download only

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Is it possible to be prepared to navigate a cancer recovery?

For Sally-Anne Kriel, a mother of two little boys, wife, and nurse, some of her greatest recovery challenges came from what she now describes as ‘the invisible cancer load’. She found that even with her 18 years of experience in health care, some of the lesser-discussed effects of cancer became her greatest recovery challenges.

The invisible load of parenting through recovery, nutrition myth-busting, exercising through symptoms, carer strain, financial strain, cancer fog, body image hurdles, end-of-life discussions, returning to work, and the mindset challenge of a lifetime, all needed navigation through trial and error.

In her book, Sally-Anne unpacks her own recovery experience, shares words of wisdom from the cancer community and collaborates with experts to help shed light on some of the unspoken, yet greatly important impacts of cancer. If you are on your own cancer journey, or you are a healthcare professional seeking to understand more about the needs of women in their cancer recovery, this book is a must-read.