Workplace Toolkit

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The Rear in Gear Toolkit includes practical information, tips and resources for raising awareness of bowel cancer within the workplace setting and encouraging healthy behaviours, including participation in bowel cancer screening.

The strategy behind the Toolkit recognises the reality that many people spend 40+ hours a week at their place of work and that there are opportunities within that time to improve their knowledge and awareness of important health issues.

Given that bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers in both men and women, and is largely preventable, employers can also expect some return on their investment through the prevention and early detection of bowel cancer.

The Toolkit includes the key prevention messages for bowel cancer risk such as regular exercise, healthy eating, not smoking and limiting alcohol consumption, and tips to help achieve and maintain these lifestyle goals.

Practical suggestions for incorporating these messages into workplace communications, such as on hold/call-waiting phone messages, are also provided.

Importantly, the Toolkit offers employers the opportunity to access Bowel Cancer Australia’s Corporate Bowel Cancer Screening Program Screen for Life – a potentially life-saving initiative to extend the reach of bowel cancer screening into the community.